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A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: ”Ugh, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen!” The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: ”The driver just insulted me!” The man says:
”You go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your monkey for you.”

DSC_0969(The joke was too hilarious we could not help but laugh at it….while Leon Muli took pictures)

You know who else is funny? Daniel Peter! You cannot simply miss to laugh with this guy around. I mean, during our photo shoot at Leon Muli Photography, it was more of a Steve Harvey or better yet, Kevin Hart kind of experience. My interview with him reflects his amazing comical character, but I will let you know, that is just a tip of the ice-berg. He is the classmate you want to be desk mates with. He has a G.P.A of 3.8..and for those who do not know, that is a 3.8 out of 4.


Daniel is an all-rounded student as you will soon find out. He is popular for his current acting role in the Television Drama Series- Mali, which is Kenya’s first soap. Word has it that the youth could be whooping Kshs. 300 Billion per year in the next financial year. However, many youth are ill-prepared for this encounter with opportunity. As Miss I, I will be gathering information to prepare YOU!

Enjoy my interview with D.P.W!

Miss I: In your own words,describe MALI to someone who does not know about it?

Daniel: “MALI” revolves around the lives of an affluent family, rich to the bone but like every family of this nature, plagued with deeper public hidden issues.The polygamous patriarch of the family is a chauvinist who runs his two homes like a military camp. I am Arthur Mali.

Miss I: In the beginning,what motivated you to be an actor?
Daniel:I have actually never thought of being an actor. Beside the home clips that I used to take for fun, aping people (you wish you had the clips..heheee..). My motivation ummmmm…maybe came about by my character of being a risk taker.

Miss I:Tell me about your 1st acting experience as a kid?
Daniel: wooooooooow!!!!!!…. It was really a humbling experience. I was among known actors, experienced crew and one of the best, if not the best production company in Kenya. (Alison Productions)

Miss I:Personally,I have always wanted to be an actress,I used to go to Kenya National Theatre,  joined “Troup Bonjour”-Alliance Francaise’ acting team,but didn’t manage to get into movie acting. What is some of the advice that you would give to someone aspiring to become an actor?
Daniel: What every aspiring actor should know is that in order to achieve your dreams, you have to be patient, determined and persistent. That’s all. Not everything can come as fast as you want, some take longer but when they come, it will be fulfilling.

Miss I: What are your strong and weak points as an actor and what do you do to overcome your weak points?
Daniel: I know I can easily shift to being angry, and throwing a tantrum (does this mean I’m violent??…lol.. too much of Chris Brown songs I guess..hehee). My weak points are ummm…crying..its hard to cry when you have a perfect day. When I have such scenes, I normally just give myself 10min to reflect on the script, put myself in the scene and create an emotional environment around me.

DSC_1000 2

Miss I: What do you do everyday to improve as an actor?
Daniel:-Get suggestions from more experienced actors
-Internalize scripts and read the whole script critically
-Watch previous screenings of myself so as to see where I went wrong or where i need to improve….. just to name but a few.

Miss I: What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting?
Daniel:Mali is my first and biggest achievement yet . I ventured into it as a new comer and came out strongly learning a lot..

Miss I: What is the hardest part of being a celebrity and how do you overcome that?
Daniel:I am a celebrity???…heheee…. I normally refute that statement…sorry….ummmm…*clears throat* I think the hardest part is appreciating your fans beside trying to live both public and private life. I try my best to communicate with my fans and appreciate them for the love, support both directly and indirectly, and faith they have in me through the social sites I’m in..

Miss I: Looking back, what’s one thing you wish you understood about acting before you ever got started?
Daniel: That its just an experience satisfying as any other job..

Miss I: What have you learnt from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?
Daniel:Ive learnt aloooooooooot of stuff!!!… because they basically give you hints, advice and directions pertaining to acting and life in general…so I cant just point out something specific….wait…. once more, have I answered your question??…lol


Miss I:You are also an event organiser at Red Liquid Entertainment.What is your position there?
Daniel: I’m the Events manager/ Co-manager.

Miss I:How did you come to be an entrepreneur at such a young age?I mean,you were just in form 1.
Daniel: heheee…the need to make quick money, enjoy the benefits of having money (wink) and desire to be self sufficient.

Miss I: How is running a successful business different than what you thought it would be back when you were 15?
Daniel:Back then, the industry was not as crowded as it is now. Currently, a lot of marketing, marketing research, CRM and Internet Business Management is vital for a successful business….. heheeee…see what I did there….lol…

Miss I: How do you think being an entrepreneur has turned you into a better person?
Daniel: It has made me learn how to tackle pressure, be focused, be organized, learn business language and sustainable business relationship and rapport.

Miss I: What’s the best business idea you have that you will never use?
Daniel: Isn’t that mine to keep????… aint telling yah, you might use it….heheee.


Miss I:Tell us about your experience as a Radio Presenter at USIU FM?
Daniel:I’ve actually learnt a lot while there..thanks to Klein hood my co-host who gave me the chance. Its an interesting and quite satisfying exposure since one has to prep for the shoe, get new songs in the industry and be current on issues.
Wait…. have you ever noticed your voice sounds different on radio??…well I find mine….

Miss I: Amazingly,you are a motivational speaker.How about you write the next article for my blog,right after our interview?
Daniel: heheeeee…I wouldn’t mind that…wait…that’s a blog…where’s my cheque…

Miss I: I can see many modelling agencies/pages coming up on Facebook.It goes to show that many Kenyans are aspiring models.As an established model,what would you advice those that want to reach your level?
Daniel:Personally,I consider myself as a cover page model…not just a model and I tend to specialize myself on that aspect.
Well modelling tends to have its own specifications thus not everyone will be a successful model. The industry out their has a gauge that it uses to sieve and select models, thus the need to know the requirements so as to pass the sieve test.


Miss I: As we come to the end of this interview,we have seen that you are a student at U.S.I.U),an actor in Mali Drama Series,a model,Mc ,Radio presenter USIU FM,an event organizer ( Red liquid Entertainment) and a motivational speaker.How do you balance?How do you ensure that your education is at par if not premium? (I just used Financial Management terms,my lecturer would be so proud)
Daniel: ahaaaaaaa….lemme brag at least I am a chop..with a 3.8G.P.A.. lmfaooo…
Anyway, all these things I do tend to require time..so a lot of scheduling and sacrifices take part in ensuring I prosper in a few if not all of these activities.Plus I love trying out things, so I will accommodate them in my life despite the risks and hardships.
Wait……have I answered you???…lol…

Miss I:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Daniel: I haven’t grown up????… that’s insulting… *walks to the corner and asks friend for candy*


Miss I: If you had to battle a giant, what weapon would you use and why?
Daniel: That weapon David used on Goliath…(my C.R.E teacher would be proud)..whats its name….owwww…. sling.I would use a sling..

Miss I: What makes you uncomfortable?
Daniel: ummmmmmm…….. pass….

Miss I: Do you think you’re good at what you do?
Daniel: I think I’m half a step away from good.. thinking if I should take that half step or another whole step to being great.

Miss I: What is your impression of Miss I so far?
Daniel: Focused….. #period

Miss I: I want to help you,how can I?
Daniel: Inspire 10 kids and try change the lives of 2 or more of those.


Who wants to join me in finding those home clips Daniel has????

Daniel Peter: KLAD HOUSE
Miss I: Mr.Price and Kenya Gat Swag

Photography: Leon Muli Photography

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