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Miss I interview with Jef Neve in Kenya

I never thought that I would be interviewing an international artist this year, at least not after 5 months of blogging. When I talked to Koen DE SMEDT from the Belgian Embassy, I felt like I was taking a really long shot.But here is the thing, everything is impossible until you try doing it. You can not walk a journey of a thousand miles until your lift your foot to make the first step. You can’t become a linguist before trying to say ‘mama’ and ‘papa’. Jef Neve would not have become a renown Belgian pianist and composer if he hadn’t began composing at the age of 4. Don’t be afraid to take the 1st step.


Interviewing Jef Neve was fantastic. Truly inspirational, enlightening and motivating.  Weirdly enough, Chantelle and I have always wanted play the piano for a living, but we only got to know this about each other when Jef Neve came to Kenya for his world tour. We were extremely excited for his performance at the Michael Joseph Centre and this was our reaction when he started playing. A great performance can not begin to explain how marvellous a pianist he is.


I met Bob Collymore, the C.E.O of Safaricom, at the concert too. The smiles clearly illustrate how amazing Jef Neve is!


Watch my videoed interview with Jef Neve HERE: Click the link below. Enjoy! :)

Miss Independent Interview with Jef Neve in Kenya

DSC_0399 Jef Neve (left) with his Manager Pieter Kindt

Many thanks to Pieter for enabling me interview Jef Neve.

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As I begin to write this blog post, I am deeply saddened by the events that have followed the Westgate attack. This week, Ruhila Adatia, Mbugua Mwangi , Rosemary Waheto among others have been laid to rest. May all their souls rest in eternal peace. To be honest, I don’t have the much needed energy to write a Miss I kind of blog post, but I have to make do with what I have because I don’t think there will be any other perfect timing to say this to you.This is not something worth saying publicly, but despite the unfortunate fact that I hardly go to church, I went for the Thursday Mass dedicated to the Westgate victims. I would like to share with you the mind-opening and touching words the Priest said to us to enable you and I get through this tough period.


God knew this was going to happen. He knew! He was not the cause of it , but He let it happen. He knew that Mbugua and Waheto were not going to get married. He knew about Ruhila and her unborn child. He knew about all the souls that succumbed to the Westgate attack. Maybe one of the questions that is running through your mind right now is why He did not prevent it? Before I relay the deep words from the priest, I need you to understand the philosophy of being. Wow! How do I make this lesson fun? I guess teachers have a hard time daily, huh? Anyway, listen up class- there are 2 aspects that make up all the creatures : ACT OF BEING and ESSENCE. Act of being is common to all the 3 levels of beings (plants, animals and humans). They have life, they exist. ESSENCE is that which differentiates the beings that exist from one another. It’s the matter (physical aspect) and the level of activity. For instance, cats have fur and they purr. Birds have wings and they fly. So as much as they are all alive (act of being) they can be differentiated by their essence (matter and the level of activity.)


Having understood the philosophy of being, the priest advised us to not only look at the lives that have been lost from a physical perspective (essence) but to also look at it from the angle that God was waiting for the victims that morning.  Death is the separation of the soul from the body. It is sad that we will never see the victims here on earth ever again, but their souls are still alive. As much as we would have wanted for Mbugua and Waheto to get married, God knows best and He let what happened happen. We should not question Him, but believe that He knows what He is doing. Being a creative, I can only imagine that the gates of heaven were opened that morning to welcome all those beautiful souls that parted ways with us temporarily. May their souls rest in peace. May God be with the bereaved families. May God forgive and bless the attackers. May God be with Kenya. After all, God is happiness. What better way to find happiness than being with God?


As for me and Westgate, I loved that mall with all my heart. In fact, many people called me to ask if I was okay because they knew how much I loved going to that mall. I went there so many times but just to highlight my moments with Westgate- December 31st-started this year at the Onami Kitchen Bar with amazing friends. A happy new beginning it was. I remember dancing with the Indian women, they sure can gerrit! Valentines celebrations were in order at Westgate on February 14th ( relax now, I am in no relationship, it was a friends thing). That was followed by my epic 21st birthday on July 13th at the Onami Kitchen Bar as well. The employees there made my birthday more than my friends did (hoping they don’t see this) .But even if they do, they know it would not have happened without them. The employees sang for me, they bought me cake and served us amazing FREE food. Even after we had gone there to maximise on HAPPY HOUR,  they served us with  FREE yet amazing birthday treats. I can’t believe Onami Kitchen Bar is gone :'(


The lingering question- WHY IS THIS MY LAST BLOG POST? First of all, I need you to understand how much I value you for subscribing to my blog and reading my work occasionally if not always. Your 1 view and 1 subscription made all the difference. I would not have quarter the energy I have for this blog without you. This being the last blog post does not mean you won’t see Miss I work again. Yes, I just heard your relieved sighs. Was it overwhelming for me and saddening when I learnt that I won’t have this blog much longer? I stopped reading for a CAT I was reading for, cried and went to bed. I could not stand the pain, so I slept. But was that the end? NO. What kept me going?  YOU. What steps did I take? All I can say is that my bank account is almost empty. I totally understand Kevin Hart when he says ‘you see the way my bank account is setup…’ 😀 I took those steps for YOU! All the Miss I readers. I don’t want to say much of that story as it will be featured on the new Miss Independent website (

As I come to the end of this blog post, I would like to thank Madung and Samer for hosting my blog for the past 5months, for constantly pushing me to do bigger, better and greater things. As you saw me through my baby steps, I will see you through your new and far bigger steps. I will blaze Odipo’s trail by refusing to be average. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Don't be average

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M.S.K Students National Council

Here’s the funny thing, we always think that we are ever ready. To be more precise, we expect that once we have it in our head, we are set to go! Speaking for myself, I had this picture that after I graduate I will have everything figured out. That the 4 years in Strathmore University will strike the match stick that lights up my flame. This girl is on fire! Truth be told, I have come to appreciate the meaning of practise makes perfect.

Let me tell you a short story. What were they called back in high school? Narratives? Or was it just simply ‘short stories’? Oh well, let’s leave that to the current KCSE candidates. When the President of Students Marketing Society Club informed me of open positions in Marketing Society of Kenya vis-à-vis the Student National Council, I was pretty much interested as Marketing is my love, my passion and my life.

I readily took up the challenge and decided to go for the reviews in MSK’s offices. It was a fine Friday morning, that I remember very well because that afternoon, my friend Stephanie and I rushed to IMAX to catch Fast&Furios 6. May God bless the X and Y chromosomes that participated in bringing a being such as Vin Diesel to life. Heavens! I could pay the amount I used for the movie ticket to watch (ogle) his still pictures sliding on the big screen, a screen saver movie we would call it.


To cut the short story shorter, when I was informed that the meeting would be a review, the first mistake I did was to assume that a review meant we would be taken through the core business of MSK. Going by that assumption, I didn’t do ANY research. The second mistake I did, is that I didn’t ask. It never hurts anyone to ask. Kuuliza si ujinga. As much as the interview was okay, it could have been better.

Haven’t we all learnt in class the purpose of doing research before going for a meeting? Haven’t we all learnt that we should never make assumptions? Where does this carelessness come from then? I haven’t thought of my perfect answer to that, I will however say that actions spring not from thought, but from readiness for responsibility. I learnt from my mistakes, luckily when I was still in 2nd year. Which is why, as for my parting shot, urge YOU to be active, ambitious, to try, try, and try without giving up.

P.S-I did manage to become a member of the Student National Council, where I serve in the Membership Committee.

P.S.S- I am super excited for our event this SEPTMBER! Mark date 26th!!!

P.S.S.S- Are you a Marketing student? Join M.S.K! Contact me for more details. :)

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P.S.S.S.S- Success to the 2013 candidates!

Jef Neve

Jef Neve- A renown Belgian Jazz Pianist and Composer!


What are your event plans for this week? (This is where you tell me- ”it’s okay Miss I, I know you just want to tell me about your amazing event/interview for Thursday evening”). Well seeing that most of you agree with my conscience, I will take the leap here and say that I am far much too excited for Jef Neve’s concert at the Michael Joseph centre scheduled for Thursday evening. It’s not an everyday thing where renowned artists such as he take tours in Africa or even Kenya for that matter. My friend Michael informs me that Tomorrowland 2014 will be held in South Africa, but that’s a story for another day!


Young pianist/composer Jef Neve (1977) has become a prominent figure in his homeland Belgium and his reputation is rapidly spreading to the rest of the world.

He studied at the Lemmensinstituut (I wonder how you read that)  in Leuven and  graduated in 2000 with Master of Music degrees in Jazz and classical piano, both with great distinction. In 2001 he specialized in Chamber Music and was rewarded ‘cum laude’.

Jef started to play in local  bands at the age of fourteen. During that period he composed a wide variety of pieces for the most divergent ensembles (from piano solo to symphonic orchestra).  At seventeen he played with various jazz bands, classical ensembles, pop bands (f.ex. ‘Get Ready’, the famous Belgian boys band).At the Music Industry Awards he was elected three years in a row:  award ‘best musician’ both in 2008 and 2009 and the award ‘best composer’ in 2010.

Here is a great piece by him:

JEF NEVE: Synrise (Goose Cover)


KIBERA: Rise Above The Conditions


One of the luckiest things that can ever happen to you in life, in my opinion, is to have a happy childhood regardless of your parents’ wealth. Sadly, childhood is a short season. From playing marbles (cracking no paying) to the famous mchongwanos (Dame wako ana lips kubwa mpake yeye hutumia roll-on kama lip-balm). The trick is growing up without growing old. Most of you have read my article when my odometer clocked 21, but believe me, I still have my ‘Katie skills’ and I will swing every chance I get. Once a happy child, always a happy child. In fact I hereby announce to my future husband- ‘Dear husband, I know when we are married I’ll probably be 26,27,28, but can we please build a tree house together? And oh, a bird house too since we will occasionally hunt birds with the kids?’


I’m a 3rd year student in Strathmore University and for this semester we have a unit called Principles of Ethics. Strangely enough, I always end up loving the units most students would rather not do. For instance, last semester we had Development Studies which I loved so much such that I had previously decided not to do a Masters of my degree (Marketing) and do something related to it instead. You know those units that make you feel like you are in the wrong course? Yeah, that was Development Studies for me. However, I still am very much passionate about Marketing and thanks to Kevin’s mum who advised me on courses that can be taken to cater for my other passion- Development Studies.

Which brings me back to Principles of Ethics, which is the study of the end of man and his actions in as far as they are related to that end. What is happiness? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it success? Does pleasure mean happiness? Where does happiness come from? Are you happy? As much as my answers to those questions is a story for another day, when I watched the video below of Kibera children, all I could see was pure happiness despite the inhumane conditions they live in. It’s the kind of happiness you will never find amongst the top 10 richest people according to Forbes list 2013. You are more likely to find it amongst children anywhere in the world, rich or poor, black or white, girl or boy, provided they are children, you will find that happiness.

PrtScr capture_40

So what happens when we grow up? I have actually written an article ‘What’s stopping you?’ which highlights how we give up on our creativity as we get older. Creativity starts from a belief which decreases rapidly as we grow up. Why? How comes this children in Kibera are so happy yet they are not that much endowed with wealth? You, me and everyone else is seeking happiness. Right? We may not all search it in the same way, we may not all associate happiness with the same thing, but after all is said and done, we all desire happiness. It’s a universal want. As we learnt in class, the more we chase happiness, the more we run away from the real thing.

Parting shot: Happiness is a choice. It comes from within. Happiness is in finding God.

Enjoy this video, by the amazing STAND UP AND SHOUT team  that truly inspired me!
I hope it inspires you too. Make a point to attend their event tomorrow at Tree House from 2p.m :*

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WATCH VIDEO HERE—-> KIBERA: Rising Above The Conditions

y That’s all folks! I wish you all the happiness in the world.


The BEST HAIR salon in Kenya!

Watch Miss I’s hair here–>

The BEST HAIR salon in Kenya!



Terry-Anne Chebet






Miss I


Watch Miss I’s hair here–>

The BEST HAIR salon in Kenya!



Hallo! :)

Guess who has a French C.A.T tomorrow and hasn’t read for it? You want a clue? Well, she’s writing this post to you. You know those students who are usually like ‘ Crap, I haven’t read for the C.A.T’ and they leave you with a certain comfort knowing that you are not in the sinking ship alone?  They even go ahead and give you the impression that you 2 are like Jack and Rose in the Titanic. Shock on you, only Rose survived. When the results come, they are the ones with the highest marks and the teacher ensures that they get a 5 minute round of applause. In worse scenarios, you are the made the mascot in the cheerleading. I would like to take a leap here and be honest- I have done French until Level 4 at Alliance Française and what’s coming in the CAT is level 1 French. In as much as am more of Rose than Jack in this situation, I still need to read for the CAT. But before that, I have a few words I would like to share with you such that even if I don’t do my level best, I will have impacted your life positively.


Think when you were still a kid. Everything was possible, right? The boys would just tie a red leso and they would automatically become Super man. The girls would make amazing food out of mud and flowers which the families enjoyed (sorry if you were the dog in ‘cha mama na baba’). You climbed trees without knowing that you might fall, but you still ended up making it, right? The same goes for the bike rides and for those who learnt how to swim by just diving into the deep end. Why? Simple! You had an idea and you made it happen because you BELIEVED.  You were not only creative, but you also had a strong belief. When you become an adult, when you are no longer a member of ‘The Kids Next Door’, things seem to be somewhat different…

When you get D’s in your result slip, you start thinking that you can never make it. When you want to start a business, you begin thinking that it’s not as easy. (Who said good things are easy to get? If they were, why then would people be working hard in the first place. Always remember; easy come easy go). When we are proud of you that you are already in business, you get discouraged because you heard someone saying you shouldn’t take the risk. Ever considered that they are just saying what they can’t do themselves?


When you have a brilliant idea that would create more jobs for the 75% youths that remain unemployed yearly, that would decrease the number of abortions from 500,000 to nothing, that would decrease the number of youths being convicted from 2/3 of the jailed convicts to something more favourable, that would make our nation proud that we don’t have to wait for Vision 2030——-> you chicken out and say that you are just not sure! You are still creative as you were when young, however, with MORE DOUBT. Where does it come from anyway? Sigh, the beauty of being a kid!


Years later, you hear that there is someone with the same idea as you. However, what makes them different from you? THEIR ACTIONS! They put their ideas, their creativity into reality. Success is 1% determination and 99% perspiration. So of course you start wishing you had taken action that many years ago, but what good will that do? Just as you need a shower everyday, you need to motivate yourself on a daily basis as well. We all know it’s hard, but definitely not impossible. Think when you were a kid, if that idea came, would you have taken action? When you could still strongly BELIEVE?

It’s never too late. An idea is the main asset you need, you just have to make it happen!



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Miss I with Nick Mwaniki

Meeting a top model such as Nick Mwaniki for the first time was simply amazing. It was synonymous to meeting new classmates back in nursery school where everything just flowed from day 1. He is a really cool person, like REALLY cool. I am particularly very grateful to him for having me interview him despite his super busy schedule. Did you know Nick is half French? And yes, that automatically makes him an exemplary cook. With sufficient public demand, we will have an episode on how to prepare a scrumptious French meal (Miss I Kitchen we would call it). I am a French student and for revision purposes, part of this interview was done in French :D. Meanwhile, enjoy my interview with Nick!

15 Get Motivated,Enlightened and Inspired.

Miss I:Hallo Nick?
Nick:Hello, how are you?

Miss I:In your own perception, what is your true definition of a gentleman?
Nick: According to me, a gentleman is an educated, respectful and well-mannered man; who has strong values and knows how to treat the ladies.

Miss I:Why do you do what you do?
Nick:Because I enjoy it, plus I get to travel and meet all kinds of people. Networking is important to me!

2 DSC_2015

Miss I: Why should Strut-It-Afrika be companies’ first choice partner?
Nick:To sum it up in one sentence,Strut It Afrika is the leading Model Management Company in East and Central Africa.We make things happen!

Miss I: How did you get started in the modelling industry?
Nick:It was very random. It all started back in June 2011 when a friend of mine called Esther came to me and asked if I wanted to model for the launch of Alcott in Kenya. Since then, modelling has become a passion and I have never looked back!

Miss I: How is it being a Top Strut-It-Afrika Brand?
Nick:Well, it is quite humbling. First, because I feel recognized and appreciated for my efforts. Second, many people look up to me and come to me for advice.

13 DSC_2020

Miss I: Describe to us the most exciting minute of your modelling journey?
Nick: When I took part in the Hub of Africa Fashion Week 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was a big break for me considering very few Kenyan models get a chance to take part in international shows abroad.

Miss I:What do you have to say regarding the much anticipated event-“Strut It Afrika Fashion Week 2013”?
Nick:All I can say is that it’s going to be the biggest fashion event Kenya has ever experienced. We are combining dance, fashion and art, all in one event! You cannot afford to miss this! Sadly, I won’t take part in the Fashion Week as I will be travelling abroad.

Miss I: Tell us about your 4-Year experience in U.S.I.U?
Nick:What can I say! It has been a long, but exciting journey; especially because I had very many friends who made my experience at USIU more enjoyable. I can proudly announce that I just graduated! Now I can finally focus on other aspects of my life.

1 DSC_2026

Miss I: Being a Tourism student, where would you like to be after 5 years?
Nick:I would like to be my own boss as I believe in being independent.I see myself running my own company.
Miss I: Just a month ago, I was with the Student Council from the University of Western Cape-South Africa. Personally, I have never seen the Maasai’s jumping and for some reason, I have never thought of putting that in my to-do-list. However, I cannot emphasize enough how the South Africans really wanted to see them. It hit me that that is the case in many Kenyans-most of us want to go to Paris (guilty) even before we have seen what we have here. Is it that our Tourism board focuses more on targeting international tourists than local tourists?
Nick:It is true that more emphasis is placed on promoting Kenya as a destination to international tourists, rather than also targeting local tourists. And for that reason, many Kenyans seem unaware of what Kenya has to offer as a destination. I personally feel that more needs to be done to develop and promote domestic tourism as it would help contribute to the growth of the economy and encourage conservation of some areas.

Miss I:Do you think the Education bill 2012 has played a sufficient role in peace keeping initiatives? As far as I know, Kenyans are educated people but ironically, N.G.O’s, companies,you, the person reading this and I had to remind people of the importance of peace.
Nick:In my view,the Education bill has contributed in a way to peace keeping initiatives in the sense that it has helped bridge the gap between the rich and poor, which has always been a source of conflict in the country. The bill advocates for equity and quality in education for all,hence reducing social injustices.

12 DSC_2022

Miss I: After the 2008 post election violence, the Tourism sector was the most severely hit.This year, some tourists had to ask me whether it was safe-which it was. Do you think we have recovered from the 2008 aftermath?
Nick:Yes, I can say the tourism sector has recovered as we have seen an increase in the number of international tourist arrivals over the years, as compared to 2008. I think the many efforts to promote peace and security in the country have contributed in a way to the increase in tourist arrivals.

Miss I: The tourist industry in Kenya is the 2nd largest source of foreign exchange revenue following agriculture. Kenya received 100 billion shillings in 2010 from Tourism alone. If you were Mr. Johannes Zutt,the Kenya country director of World Bank, how would you channel that strength to overcome the high levels of unemployment?
Nick:I would create more employment opportunities with the creation of new jobs, particularly targeting the youth, who seem to be most affected by the high levels of unemployment in the country.

Miss I: What advice would you give the many young gentlemen who would like to be Top Super Models such as you?
Nick: Follow your dream and never give up. In life, nothing is impossible to achieve, so long as you put your heart and mind into it.

7 3

Miss I: Tell us about your venture in acting?
Nick: Well, acting has always been something I wanted to do. I used to take part plays back in high school. However, I never really took it seriously. I now feel I am ready to give it a shot!

Miss I:What’s the single most important reason for your success?
Nick: I would say believing in myself. Self confidence is the driving force behind my success.

Miss I:If you were given only a roll of cheese and a cricket bat, how would you save the world?
Nick:I would use the cricket bat to beat up all the bad guys and eat the cheese to give me the energy I need! Haha

DSC_2017 DSC_2023

Miss I: What values can you not live without?
Respect, honesty, and loyalty. According to me, those are three fundamental values you cannot do without!

Miss I: Is there anything .else you enjoy other than being a Super model and a Tourism student?
Nick:Well,I love spending time with the people that I cherish, travelling the world, watching movies and so much more! Basically, I am down for anything fun!!!

Miss I: I am sure you have played Truth or Dare one way or another. Tell us the most challenging dare you ever had to do? Or truth you had to say?
Nick:Hahaha! Are you sure you want me to disclose this here? I must say I can be quite daring.

4But how daring?DSC_1989

Miss I: Without a doubt,the ladies would like to know your description of a perfect wife. Tell them Nick!
Nick:Simple. She should be loyal, hardworking and understanding. She must also know how to cook and should have an amazing personality; combined with a good sense of fashion. I don’t think I am complicated! Am I?
Miss I: What is you impression of Miss I so far?
Nick:One word! Inspiring! Keep it up!!!

Miss I: I want to help you, how can I?
Nick:Inspire as many people as you can

9 6

Dressing, MR. PRICE. Make-Up SuzieBeauty Cosmetics. Hair- Lillian Muli’s Hair stylist.

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Johnson Mwakazi’s advice to the YOUTH!

It’s hard changing your life,let alone other people’s lives. It’s not easy. In the process of working on your dreams, you are going to incur A LOT of disappointments, A LOT of failure, A LOT of pain. There are moments you are going to doubt yourself. There are rough times that are going to come but they have not come to stay but to pass! Don’t give up on your dreams. Greatness is not an illusive feature that only the special ones among us will get to taste. It truly exists in all of us and it’s important to believe that you are the one


So Johnson Mwakazi, who was once my father’s student at Jamhuri Secondary School, is one of the guest speakers who honoured us with the amazing yet rare opportunity to get deep insights on what leadership is. Before you continue reading this post, I would highly request you to write down what you think leadership is. I would like us to have a “Before and After” on what you thought and now know about leadership.Go on now, write it down. This could be your first step towards admirable leadership. I wish I could attach Johnson’s voice, charisma, powerful facial expressions and ambiance to this post so that you can get an idea of how he moved the Strathmore University students. But I can’t. However, I can try, I can try to my best capabilities to write down what I learnt from him, what I got without even personalizing it. Here goes Johnson Mwakazi’s advice to you…


Here is the underlying statement- Withing everyone, within you, within me, there is a leader waiting to be unleashed.


If you are not willing to follow yourself, why should someone else follow you? Follow your own instructions. Have timetables. Have targets.  Have structures that govern you. Have a place of knowing who you are because it is in that state of self-actualization that we can fully realize our full potentiality.


See many of us like joy ridding until when things get thick that we start to plan our way forward. A typical example is pending units, you know, the units that you need to do again. Until when someone has 3 months to graduation that they start thinking of how they are going to take care of the harvested retakes. What if you fail the retake and a re-sit would be the next necessary step?  It’s in that context that we need to start leading ourselves if not others instead of waiting for life to sort you out.


You don’t want people to look at you as a suspect but as a prospect. Let them see you as person of difference.


This was a research conducted in M.I.T in the United States of America. People have let social media define them. Most of us have seen this meme on Facebook actually, ‘Tell a girl she is beautiful and she will never believe. Tell her she is ugly and she will never forget’. Now Johnson wants you to understand the power of identity. Someone’s opinion of you should not become your reality. Declare who you are such that if someone came and told you that you won’t amount to anything, you should be able to stand up and be able to tell them- THAT’S NOT WHO I AM, THIS IS WHO I AM!



This is in very close relation to number 5. Johnson has these cards that he reads every single day. I could not get every single detail on the cards, but in one of them he wrote ‘ I am intelligent. I am handsome…’ I know I will have my cards by tomorrow and I will most probably have all the Miss I Blog readers in mind because you guys give me the motivation I need to go on each second. I lead behind you.


If you don’t add value to yourself, you are killing your generation. If you do not become an expert in your field, then you start killing other people.


Here is where he applied the rule of 5. Take what you can at a time. Do 5 things today, 5 things tomorrow instead of 10 things at the same time. At the end of the day, you do not want to submit sub standard work, something not mediocre but EXCELLENT!


When the power of love overtakes the love for power, then we have one country.


Help the next person unleash their leadership qualities. Be of service to others. Mwakazi illustrated this point using a powerful video which I look into sharing  on the blog. But just to point out what he meant, service is a cycle which starts with you. If you break the chain, it ends with you and that is being just average. Be kind to your neighbour for the person your neighbour is kind to will be kind to you. It starts with you. Kindness keeps the world afloat. If you want to be great, go out there and serve the community.


Miss Independent is joking because I can’t name you the top 10 marketers in Kenya alone yet I want to be one of the top 10 marketers in Africa.  I am kidding. Do you know the top 10 people in you areas if interest? It’s not just about knowing them, it’s about looking at what got them to the top. What are they doing right? What did they do wrong and how did they correct it? How lucky one is to learn from other people’s experiences instead of their own? STOP KIDDING!


May be you feel like you have learnt so much already from Johnson Mwakazi but little did you know that that was just a part of it. He started by telling us that when we look at him we should see many people. At first you are confused because you are not sure what he means by that and no matter what, you can’t figure it out within seconds. Of course such a statement leaves the room with pin drop silence where everyone is eagerly waiting for him to say the next word and the next word and the next.

What Johnson meant is that many people are behind his success. He is so grateful to them for bringing him that far in life that when he looks at himself in the mirror each time, he sees those who were and still are behind him. But here is where Miss I teared up when she thought of writing this post to you. Someone in the audience asked him ‘how do you ensure success doesn’t ruin you?’ Here I was thinking that he would say something related to mastering oneself or support from fellow human beings.But NO! Johnson Mwakazi’s main goal in life is to maintain a smile on God’s face each time he goes infront of him, and that is how he deals with success!


I had to share this great piece of information with you. It would have been a great sin to hoard it for my own benefit. Do share it and change someone’s life. LEAD. LEAD. LEAD.

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The Arena: The Youth Event

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently~Friedrich Nietzsche

ArenaIn an increasingly competitive world characterized by large numbers of unemployed graduates, we the youth, realize that we must take a proactive approach and claim our rightful places in advancing our nation, Kenya! We feel there is no time as the present to take action in a bid to find our niche in the market.


Welcome to The Arena- the networking platform for young people by young people. The platform provides a professional, intellectual space for youth to interact, share ideas, learn from each other, be inspired and get motivated. A space to match our skills and competencies to the needs of our nation, thus getting on a path that will lead to national growth and development. Our vision is to start a movement of pro-activity, innovation, industriousness and entrepreneurship among the Kenyan youth.

We are launching the platform on Friday the 30th of August 2013 from 5.30pm at  The Bonds Garden,Upperhill. At the launch, we are offering tables to corporates and young enterprises. We will also have four keynote speakers in attendance. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey.

2 Join us!


The forum provides the opportunity to connect, learn and be inspired to make positive steps.For graduates of high school and university students, this will prove to be a motivational experience, as they shall get to see and learn what activities their peers or successful leaders are engaged in. For those who are yet to determine their career path, this will be an “eye opener” to the limitless number of opportunities that exist in Kenya – a country that is naturally endowed with vast resources! The event will provide them the opportunity to interact with people who faced similar challenges and thus encourage them to keep up their struggle.


A.M zana arena2Andrew Macharia.

Andrew Macharia is a 24-year-old Commercial and Music Video Director. From a tender age, Andrew knew he was fit for a career in Film. At 18, he secured an internship at a leading production house in Los Angeles. After finishing his degree, he attended the Columbia College Hollywood, and thereafter returned to work at the same production house he did his internship in. He worked his way up from a production assistant to Director, and worked for some of the Fortune 500 clients such as Microsoft, Bing, KIA, Universal Music Group, Warner Bros and Sony Music. He is currently the Founder and Director at Razorwire, a full service production company based in Kenya. As Director at Razorwire, he has done music videos for Sauti Sol, Radio and Weasel, Jaguar, and Camp Mulla. Andrew Macharia is a man truly in The Arena.

zana arena3

Do you want to be successful? Do you want to be the next Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Richard Branson? Do you want to own a private jet? If the answer to all those questions is a constant YES, then by now you should know that one of the main reasons why Oprah and Gates are where they are now is because they took OPPORTUNITIES. Are you in the arena? If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? “Lesson 8. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. When people can’t do something themselves, they will want to make you believe that you can’t do it as well. No one will ever be passionate about your dreams as you are. You have to protect them and go for it with resilience. You are likely to get all the support from your family and friends, but that’s as far as it goes. Do not let anyone kill your buzz!,” 21 LESSONS article.

If you have a business and you would like to advertise your market offering to the youth email me on Alternatively, kindly find The Agenda on Facebook and talk to us!



Miss I’s Take On The Relationship Bank.

The Relationship Bank!

Hallo there! Thank you very much for visiting my blog once again. July being my birth month came with a lot of exciting posts such as my videoed interview with Creme De La Creme, a detailed story of my 21st  birthday and the 21 life lessons I have learnt so far. I also ventured into fashion and did a couple of looks from Mr. Price, I even came up with a fashion phrase , GGG (Go Get Glam). In fact I was talking to Nick Mwaniki a while ago and we were just discussing how we should put up his interview this week. You know that was Miss Independent for you the month of July. It’s surprising I did not do an article of the world’s biggest event, Tomorrowland, as I am one crazy fanatic for it. I already have plans to attend the 2017 one. Rumour has it that next year’s Tomorrowland will be in South Africa, which sort of makes me feel a tiny bit sad that there is no way it will happen in Kenya, at least for another five decades or so. All the same, I can not miss to see the silver lining here- IT WILL BE IN AFRICA!!!!

July still remains the most awesome month of the year, sad that it’s over, but life has to move on. So for this month of August I will be focusing on finance, banking, insurance and basically anything that involves banks. Which brings me to Chase Bank- The Relationship Bank! Many of you will agree with me that we often lack some critical knowledge about the job market not taught in school and sadly the long term effect of that is something not worth taking home. Earlier on today I learnt that in order to seek employment, one needs documents from KRA, NSSF and NHIF.  DID YOU KNOW THAT OR IS IT JUST ME????I have never been taught that in school and that is just one of the unknown aspects.

500,000 students graduate from all Kenyan tertiary universities but only 25% gets employed. What should sieve you from the 75% that remains unemployed? What gives you the IT factor to be separated from the masses?

*Drum roll please*

We have been graced by an amazing opportunity to learn most of those important aspects of employment through Chase Bank. I would urge you to participate by commenting what you would like to know about employment in a bank especially as a fresh graduate, management training programs, internships, curriculum vita’s. Is finance option marketable? What are the main 3 things all finance students must know? Is there youth banking with Chase Bank, student loans and the what not? Throw all your questions by commenting and I will most definitely take action.


I will highly appreciate all your questions. Help me help you make a difference!!!



Get The Miss I Look- 2


l2   l3



Here is the thing, fashion fades but style is eternal.

ll6 Get your style @ Mr. Price

It may be a man’s world where you will occasionally get irritated if someone says chairMAN instead of chairPERSON,  but I sure love being a woman. Though men can’t wear dresses-  we can wear pants, play around with his shirt, a good pair of supras and still look fabulous.With the likes of  Cassie and Amber Rose, clearly ladies get out of barber shops looking far much gorgeous than men. This is where Beyonce’s song ‘Run the world’ starts playing in the background. Maybe one day I should take a risk and ask my hair stylist, Modesta to give me an Amber Rose Look! That’s for another season, at least not with this cold.

l4  l7 LET’S GET GLAM!!!!!

Miss I take on Strut It Afrika Brands started with Nick Mwaniki and I am really excited to publish it sometime this month. Nobody has ever taken me through Oprah Winfrey or Tyra Bank’s wardrobe to get an idea of how I should wear when interviewing Top African Models, I just knew I had to GGG (Go Get Glam) for my interview with Nick.  How to maintain an official glam look was the question in mind,it’s the answer that was missing in action. So what did I do? I knew I had to call up my merchandise stylist, Kevin Rapudo to advice me on how to dress for an interview with A TOP MODEL. As usual, we headed to Mr.Price.



I GOT GLAM!!!!!!!!!!


 20% OFF on some clothes for this weather!GGG!!!!


ASSSS                   assssss

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Wardrobe: Mr. Price,Nakumatt Junction Branch

Merchandise stylist:Kevin Rapudo– 0719741276

Makeup: SuzieBeauty Cosmetics– 0708789432

Hair: L’Africaine Hair Designs– 0721232319

Leon Muli Photography- 0720364461


21 Lessons!

Let me tell you something you’ve probably heard before! The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. Oh how we wish it was made out of sugar and spice,probably have ice cream for clouds. I know someone who would kill for a world with chocolate instead of soil. It’s a very mean and nasty place. I don’t care how tough you are, whether professor Utonium accidentally added chemical X to your body system, it will beat to your knees and  keep you there permanently if you let it. Nothing is going to hit your harder than life!However, it’s not about how hard you get hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.How much you can take and keep moving forward.

esther3      esther


It’s that time of the year for Miss I when 20 meets one and I won’t really expound on the nitty-gritty of my amazing 21st birthday as I have already written an article on that -which I hope you enjoyed. By show of comments, who remembers tangents from high school? Today I will take a tangent by focusing on the 21 lessons I have learnt in my life so far!July 25th 2013 it is and the day did not end before slapping my face with some harsh realities through which I got to learn one of the greatest lessons about romantic love, but I will get to that in a jiffy!

1. Family is the greatest blessing you’ll ever get in this life regardless of how much money you make. When you are busy working hard and updating status such as “[#paper chaser]”, keep in mind that YOU ARE ALREADY RICH. Think about it! A multimillionaire can buy anything they would like in this life that you can’t; but can they buy a good family? I couldn’t concur more when they stated-“There is no place like home!”


2.For those who have been blessed by great Fathers, no man will ever love you more than your Dad. No man whatsoever! So before you complain that your father is being too strict and that he doesn’t understand you need to have a social life, which by that I mean going out at night from Thursday to Saturday, THINK THRICE.Not twice, but thrice! He’s just protecting you, that’s all!  Sometimes I literally loath my curfews (8:00p.m) but at the end of the day,I appreciate them.

3. Friends can either make or break you! Making a hundred friends is not a miracle.You will be very lucky to find and keep more than 1 true friend.  The miracle is to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you.Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer!

FRIENDS Stephanie and Sandra on my 20th birthday!

4. The people closest to you are not necessarily your biggest ‘fans’. The moment we have people keeping their enemies closer to them, you can never be too sure who is real and who is plastic. When you help a beggar along the streets, you keep it to yourself because it’s a selfless action that came from the heart.It makes you happy to do them some good,right?  Your genuine fans will say good things about you behind your back without showing it off to you!

5. You can never get to understand success fully if  you have never failed. Failure is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might  as well not have lived at all.In which case, that’s failure by default. As a matter of fact, if you learn from your mistakes, that’s success in itslef. I once wrote in one of my articles [Prince Charming]-How can you know sweetness if you don’t know bitterness?

6. For you to completely comprehend the success journey of people who have made it on Forbes list of 100 most richest people in the world, chase your dreams first!It’s not enough to read Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and the likes autobiographies. Suzie Wokabi, CEO SuzieBeauty Cosmetics once said ‘easy come,easy go’. So when you start chasing your dreams, no matter how hard and how smart you work, you will face various challenges which may make you feel like giving up, have a good cry and the what not that comes with discouraging moments. Those challenges make you reflect. How did Oprah do it? How did Gates and Branson survive? I always tell myself  “Even Oprah had such a day, so go all Mohammed Ali and make medicine sick”.

4    6

7.Nothing good comes easy,and when it comes, you still have to continue working hard to keep it.I did not wake up one day and decided that Mr.Price will dress me. Suzie Wokabi, CEO SuzieBeauty Cosmetics, and Raquel Mboya, CEO L’Africaine Hair Designs both didn’t just feel like making me their Brand Ambassador for the sake of it.Cliche it is, but hard work pays and I have had to learn that the hard way. The trick is to WORK SMART!


8. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. When people can’t do something themselves, they will want to make you believe that you can’t do it as well. No one will ever be passionate about your dreams as you are. You have to protect them and go for it with resilience. You are likely to get all the support from your family and friends, but that’s as far as it goes. Do not let anyone kill your buzz!

9. Less expectations=Less disappointment!Not everyone has a good heart. Not everyone will want the best for you. Some will even go ahead and rejoice your failure. Not everyone you say ‘Hallo’ to will pick you up when you fall. Jesus healed 10 lepers and only one came back to say thank you. Only one.


r..t miss I

10. Forgive and forget.I know it’s not easy to forgive someone you had higher expectations from, but like I said, less expectations= less disappointments.  What’s there to lose in forgiveness anyway?  What do you gain by staying mad at someone for far too long? Do you want to look back in your life and just see how you spent days vehemently hating on so and so?  However, the more you hold a grudge, the  more you allow them to hurt you!Forget it already!

11.Silent killers!People tend to assume that the loud characters are the crazy naughty ones as they seem more daring and naive. Being loud and full of life doesn’t necessarily translate to scandalous and mischievous. Shock on you who did this and that- the silent one who sits by the corner alone. However, there is a silver lining for silent killers. Look at some of the students who get clean A’s through out the years,most of them are the quiet ones who despise attention. They hardly let anyone know of their exemplary performance. The loud know it all and attention seeking students are probably struggling with their D’s, and that could be an over statement. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

12. The only constant thing in this world is change. Nothing lasts forever. I guess that is what that makes life what it is,dynamic. I got through my heartbreaks, so did most of you. My 1st year and 3rd year experiences are totally 2 different stories. Unlike 1st year, I love Strathmore University so much such that I have forced issues being their Brand Ambassador. My brother-in law, Tom, can tell you how much he knew about it before he got in :D. As if that was not enough, I am boys with the fashion cops, especially Beatrice. She ‘lectures’ me when I don’t wear warm enough because of my asthmar, something my family members do too. :)


13. Never force issues with people. Those who want you in their lives will put where you deserve with no effort. None whatsoever! When you start letting go of people who you forced issues with, at first you’ll be afraid that you might end up a loner, something that discourages people from being courageous and doing what’s right. But what you don’t know is that when you were busy fighting to be in these other people’s lives, you missed to see  the ones who genuinely wanted you in theirs. Besides, there are 6Billion people in this world, less chances of you missing a friend.

14.Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be. Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.Don’t let haters bring you down.  Let them be a motivation to be stronger and more successful than you were yesterday. Thank them for the hater fuel to feed your fire! Be happy to be the source of their envy.

15.Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. When someone tells you that you can’t do something, perhaps you should consider that they are only telling you what they can’t do.Does anyone remember the one who gave up? If I gave up, you wouldn’t be reading this post today.

hot        y

16. Follow your heart, but guide it with your mind.Trust your instincts. Believe in yourself. Screw it, let’s do it!- is what Richard Branson would say. You only live once.YOLO. Yes, it had to be featured somewhere in this post. There are people who do things because it’s fashionable or marketable in the job market. But what do you want? Just because you got an A in KCSE does no automatically mean you should do medicine. If fashion is your passion, then follow your heart. Damn it! We only get one life. Live it!

17 . Play at work and work at play. Every Kamau, Otieno and Rotich (my apologies if you expected Tom,Dick and Harry-I’m all about local content) always wonder how I manage doing all the things I do. I am not saying am perfect at it. Time is money and time management is very key in determining whether you will be successful or not. It can very hard to divide time for both play and work. You may need a handful of experiences to grasp the skills of managing your time efficiently. My advice to you is to play at work and work at play, just make sure you meet deadlines and objectives as planned.

18. Yaw Nsarkoh, Managing Director Unilever Eastern and Southern Africa , left me with one advice. Be the best you can and learn to lose. We don’t always get what we want. At least I know I wanted my 1st boyfriend to be my only boyfriend  and eventually marry him, but after July 25th 2013, I figured that’s not going to happen. I’m quite the traditional girl when it comes to relationship matters and I accept, I am a hopeless romantic! Despite the fact that we broke up 1 year 8months ago, a part of me still hoped for a miracle. You know I wanted to believe that we needed that break to get experiences (which I chose to ignore) and eventually, like a boomerang, come back to each other. I guess it’s time I entertain the thought of boyfriend number 2,hopefully he’ll be husband one and only! Another thing, do not let the one thing you fail to get destroy you. I have learnt to lose.

cover   OrayPray! Pray! Pray!

19. Happiness is in finding God.It may have taken me 19 years to figure that out, but I am glad I did at 21. I have always been religious, but I have always thought that marriage would be my ultimate happiness. First of all, I believe happiness is a choice. No one can make you happy if you can’t make yourself happy. No one can make you happy if you don’t even let them.Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you. Read a Bible Chapter everyday and tell me how you feel after a week. Start with the book of Romans.It’s such a good read for people out there with unanswered questions. Go on.Try it!

20. Your biggest goal in life is to get closer to God.It’s not the big things that give us happiness, but the small things in life. The things you can’t buy. You just feel them.I have achieved some pretty cool things that some people my age haven’t. I also acknowledge that there are people my age out there who have set the bar for success beyond the sky limit. Not that I do not appreciate my steps.Of course I do,they keep me alive. I do not do things for money, but for how they make me feel rejuvenated with each dawn and dusk. However, I found myself wanting the small things such as hanging out with genuine friends, dancing in the rain and playing with the kids. It’s encouraged to have really big dreams. Chase them. Become Kenya’s first trillionaire. Hey and you know what, don’t forget Miss I when you become rich,ay? I was there to motivate,enlighten and inspire you! A personal jet would suffice as a birthday gift, I just have to figure out where to park it. Though I would end up making it a ‘taxi’ at JKIA if my backyard wouldn’t be big enough. Jet or no jet, the best gift you’ll ever give me is when you get closer to God. Go back to the source of what thy heart seeks!

21. If there is something Love isn’t,it’s never unsure!I love true love and I’m a lady who wants to be married for a lifetime. That traditional life is something that I want.  If only we could differentiate true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools. Life is a game and love is the trophy. Well, true love stories never have endings. After all is said and done, LOVE IS NEVER UNSURE!


Make by Rose Ntong’ondu.

Photography by Muturi Kanini.

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Guess who just turned 21? Miss Independent!

Rose I’m I excited? Pretty much. I mean, I’m legally able to do practically everything anywhere in the world. Does that make me want to run for a parliamentary seat come 2017? I have no idea, but I’d sure make an excellent women’s representative, I think. (Vote for Miss I– yeah that does sound catchy. I’m going to go with that if at all I decide to run)

D. F.

I had me some sushi :])


We must have met a wet blanket and if not one, a party pooper! You know, the guy who will be like “I don’t know what all the fuss is about turning 21. By then you should realize that birthdays just mean more responsibility.”It’s not that I wouldn’t hold a torch for that, but at the same time, birthdays are almost a tangible way of revealing God’s best gift to mankind-LIFE! A fresh start to either start all over again or to continue with the decisions you made a year ago.Besides, it means you have less than 80 years to hit 100.And that my friend, is why all the fuss is justified.

A (This was just delicious!)

My 21st birthday was simply amazing, awesome and truly blessed. I wouldn’t want it in any other way. I shared a scrumptious diner, only the best cocktails in Kenya and a great time with my dear friends at the Onami Kitchen Bar-Westgate. How you dress really affects how you feel, so I wore this gorgeous white dress that I got from Mr. Price-the branch in town. I call it PASSION FOR FASHION.

dressCHEKE (She styled my hair :])

When you hear 21, probably the first thing that will hit your mind is Adele’s album. However, 21 is that magical age when suddenly all the things your parents taught you, whether you wanted to learn them or not, starts to look like pretty good information. Though one of the richest men in Asia and a dominant figure in Hong Kong’s economy, Li Ka-Shing, started outworking everybody as a teenager en route to building a $21  billion empire, I have acquired some tricks up my sleeves too.

This serves as a prerequisite for my upcoming article on the 21 main lessons I have learnt in my life so far. I will also be featuring 21 lessons from other 21 year-olds, so if you are interested in sharing your lessons on my blog, email me on  ( There will be a photo shoot for you :])

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P.S.S.S.S- My dear cousin, Joe Kinuthia, you are 51% the reason why my birthday was that amazing! Thank you so much.

21 Lessons! COMING SOON.


Miss I with Creme de la Creme


Get The Miss I Look!

I love dressing up. It’s the best part of being a girl. We have all in one way or another tried our mother’s wardrobe when we were 5. Thinking about it right now makes me wish someone took a picture, I would definitely frame it to substitute for the Monalisa painting I lack. I believe that would be equally priceless.

Gone are the days when I was 5, I’m turning 21 tomorrow actually, so of course my mother’s wardrobe is out of bound.I called up my stylist merchandise, Kevin Rapudo, and we headed to Nakumatt Junction straight to Mr.Price. I had to look amazing for my interview with Creme De la creme. How you dress reflects who you are. The outside reflects the inside.

We decided to go for an official/casual look. You know how it gets super cold sometimes and you can’t afford to freeze and shine?- and at the same time,throwing a certain heavy jacket on top of that fabulous outfit will totally ruin everything? Luckily for me, Rapudo got me an out of this world outfit and I was still able to stay warm. Best part about this LOOK is that any size can rock it, you just have to be wise in the size you pick for yourself.

Check it out and COMMENT YOUR VIEWS! :)





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Wardrobe: Mr. Price,Nakumatt Junction Branch

Merchandise stylist:Kevin Rapudo– 0719741276

Makeup: SuzieBeauty Cosmetics– 0708789432

Hair: L’Africaine Hair Designs– 0721232319

Leon Muli Photography– 0720364461


Are you an Epic Leader?


First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.

Leaders are readers. Leaders do not say ‘Go’, they instead say ‘Let’s go’. Those are some of the famous definitions we have heard about leadership. What really is leadership? Going by the notion that life begins at forty, I am more safe to say that anyone from the age of 5 (rather than from the time a human being is born) to when actually life begins, should be able to understand what leadership is- which is contrary to the famous quote which states that leaders are born. I believe that a great family or society lies behind every leader.

The apple does not fall far from the tree. But for the purposes of holding a torch for that quote, in my own perception, the best leaders are born with the qualities that equip them with the right momentum to keep that up. According to me, leaders are people who prioritize the greater good rather than their own good. It’s in that unselfish state that a leader would be able to say ‘Let’s go’ and do what is right at the right time.


Can a leader have a negative impact? As much as some leaders do not have authority which would lead to dictatorship, can a leader have so much influence on the majority to cause havoc? Without going to the depths of answering those questions, I am more inclined to be more specific and use a rather ambiguous word and say that good leadership is of utter most importance.

Someone once said that if you want to impact change in this world, do it through music. It takes a leader to use their singing talent to impact a positive change because most of the celebrities we have these days are in a rush to make it in the top charts. To summarise it all, behind every great action, there is a leader-and that is why leadership is important.


The most important quality a leader should have is integrity. It is through integrity that all of the important qualities a leader must or should have fall into place. They will be able to make everything their fault and strive for excellence instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Be the change you want to be. Leadership is something observed not only in politics but also in homes, and anyone would be very lucky to have a spouse of integrity. It is seen in schools, teachers should be epitomes of integrity to the pupils. If we want to maintain peace, five year olds need to understand its importance first before their lives begin. Be a man of value rather than a man of success!


Do you think you are a leader? Do you believe you can be part of Epic Leaders-an unselfish yet powerful initiative established by DJ Crème? Would you like to get my interview with DJ Crème as soon as I put it up via your email? (You will be able to get detailed information on Epic Leaders through it) Subscribe to the blog NOW. :)

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It’s just been half an hour since I watched Man of Steel. The fact that am sitting down here writing a post about a movie that I have just watched, not forgetting that it’s past midnight, goes to show the extent to which that movie pushed me. If this was a chemistry lesson and we had to test the reaction this movie had on me, it’s unlikely it would be a base reaction.More of acidic. It could have been either positive or negative- but just to give you an idea of the direction that movie drove me to, I continued drinking my coffee latte (which by the way is keeping me up to write this post) that I had given up on once I entered the cinema hall 4, sit 11H. Yes! I remember all the details because for the second time in my life, I was super excited about watching a movie. I really am not a movie person- but this was THE MOVIE!I hardly switch on the television at home because for some reason,I find it a lot of work sitting down for hours and watching that box. I have no idea how people keep up with the Kardashians, though I can tell you that NorthWest could have gotten a better name. You can imagine their elementary school teacher calling out the register- “BlueIvy”..Present..”NorthWest”..Present…Yap, the future will be something else!
SASPOILER ALERT! Before you continue reading this post, I would strongly recommend you to stop at this point if you still haven’t watched the so called ‘most awaited movie of the year’. Maybe I should have used ‘READ AT YOUR OWN RISK’ as a title for this post. OR BETTER YET, someone should have told me ‘WATCH THIS MOVIE AT YOUR OWN RISK’. But nobody did, and now, I bear with this disappointment. All the same, this paragraph will suffice as a warning to those who are planning to go and watch it. Though I am tempted to say that I could be saving you a whole load of disappointment which I think is even unhealthy! I don’t feel so good….naaaah, am just kidding; I got a little carried away with the dramatics. Point is, don’t read after this point if you still want to watch it.
First of all, the movie is too cliché! It’s allowed to be cliché once or twice for the sake of capturing the audience’s emotions, but please, let’s leave repetition to Marketers! It works best for them. Somehow, Miss Lane managed to appear immediately after all action scenes-not forgetting that she is human and could have been torn to pieces quite easily with all the damage that was going on.She periodically became woman of steel for that cliché ‘aaawww moment’ between her and Superman.

When you watch Lion King, there is absolutely nothing you want to change about it. I am one of those people who still feel Jack could have survived during the Titanic, but I believe it was necessary that he dies for that nerve wrecking moment when Rose calls out his name and let’s go of his hand. In fact, that whole scene summarizes the movie so well such that if you missed every scene of it except that particular one, you’d still end up tearing up. Now that’s what you call a scene! Going back to Lion King, Mufasa’s death is most probably one of the top 3 saddest scenes of all times. As much as most of us felt like Chris Brown-ing the Rihanna out of Scar, we all accepted his fate as it was.

Zod’s death was supposed to be EPIC.MIND-BLOWING.OUT OF THIS WORLD. I mean, I could not fathom how the directors of the movie settled on such a scene. This is 2013 for crying out loud. Here we are waiting for Windows 8.1 to be launched and that’s the scene they settle on? After all that action, the years of preparation and training, Kent simply breaks his neck? Seriously? I mean the fact that Superman get’s his strength from the sun, he could have taken Zod to the sun’s core or something in relation to that to be destroyed- but that is a scene  that any uncreative person can come up with. What would it have cost them to come up with some complex scientific theory related to humanity which consequently causes his death? He should have probably gotten destroyed by Mother Nature now that he had planned on destroying earth’s natural state- which of course would make such an awesome scene.
After all is said and done, that is just my opinion of the movie. I guess I just had very high expectations of it.It’s not that I like hating, as a matter of fact, I appreciate the smallest of things. All big actions begin with one small act, a linguist will begin by saying ‘mama’, a husband will begin by pulling a chair for his wife during courtship, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. However, this movie was in it’s millionth step but the directors did not even  break legs whatsoever! Henry Cavill’s looks is as far as the movie goes for me.To some it was the best movie they have ever watched and I respect that.  To some it was the most expensive sleep they have ever had.It had its good moments, especially at the beginning-I know I would have wanted a lion to roar as soon as I was born,dragons are cool,but lions are cooler. Speaking of which, I am hoping to share birthdays with Kate’s child (July 13th). I can keep up with the Royal Family just for that 😀

And Oh, just for the record, the first time I was excited to watch a movie was when I went to watch FAST&FURIOUS 6. We could see the amount of hard work put in creating that movie, the number of times the Director had to say ‘cut’ to ensure that each and every second is worth it- making us the audience feel a little bit special.


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Nancie Amunga- Miss I Friend

Story by Nancie Amunga.

I had a friend of mine; I am using the word ‘had’ because she is no more. Beatrice* had a very bright future ahead of her, she was always the best in class and that stuck to every one’s head you could not beat Beatrice for the number one position no matter how hard you revised, she had the nice walk that every other girl in my boarding school admired not forgetting the fluent English that she uttered.

That girl Beatrice made the whole school bow down to her without knowing, you would wonder where you were when God was creating her. Were you created immediately before lunch so God had no time to finish up perfectly what he had started and made your structure in a rush or what? The girl had beauty, real beauty that captured the admiration of many girls including both the male and the female teachers! She had everything every girl would dream of. Now she is no more.

Director Miss Fabulous Africa

Beatrice became a heavy drinker and the careless drinking affected her life very much and by the time she realized she was supposed to rebuild her life it was too late, she gave up and committed suicide, you tell me how we should define what that is!

Let’s talk this once and for all! Girls quit alcohol…Yes quit alcohol. I see young energetic women wasting their energy on the alcohol substance that does not add any value to neither your life nor your health.

 I see girls losing respect because of their damn silly action after taking that substance called liquor which they did not buy using their own money in the first place. No! not a drop of their own sweat. I see girls giving out themselves to men just to get hold of that bottle of beer or whatever brand it is.


Take caution girls the same men that you are hanging out with won’t add you anywhere in their special list when they want to make that serious decision in their lives in short you just a play toy that’s put their for decoration and fun.

Campus girls drink liquor as if they were drinking water, they drink more than the man buying the liquid drinks and they become the liquid tutor with other people’s money. Really?

We’ll never attract people who respect us until we learn to respect ourselves

Nobody is claiming to be a saint here and nobody is purporting that other girls are better than others even the holy book states clearly “bad behavior should be rebuked” Girls! Quit alcohol.

It has killed others, it has ruined their lives forever, it has taken away the small dignity that they had from their flesh and I say you are not special so quit alcohol. It adds no impact to your life.

How do you dress up very well, with a pretty face go to an uptown pub just to beg for alcohol? Pun intended that’s going psycho. You should go to a brain check up.

Be healthy.
No, I’m not your mother. However, I assure that you will be much more productive when you take better care of yourself. Working and drinking to the point of exhaustion will burn you out and make you less productive. Don’t make excuses. Eat right, exercise and find time for yourself but
Quit alcohol!


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Who loves the song ‘Show me the way’ by Papa Wemba? Guilty as charged! You may want to go ahead and play it as you read this paragraph as it will set you in the right mood for it- kind of like a movie where there is always background music! Isn’t it amazing how a whole song can be a timeless hit when the only lyrics most of us know are ‘show me the way I can go’? Then for the rest of the song we join toddlers in their language- “na naa naaa naaaa…na naa naaa”
Now you see background music varies with the change of events. I would like you to put on replay ‘Utawala’ by Juliani for the next few minutes you will be reading this post! Music is what feelings sound like, and with that, you ought to listen to that song as you read this. I would like you to hear what I am feeling as I write this to you. You are the music while the music lasts! Carry on now, get those head phones, amplifiers and what not and play that song. In any case, I am just about to vent! Here goes nothing…

Why is it that we wait for Jamhuri Day to appreciate our fallen heroes and heroines? You can never be too sure these days, so for those who are not aware when Jamhuri Day is, that will be December 12th for you! Not that I would like my news feed on Facebook to be filled with impeccable status dedicated to them on a daily basis, or be tagged on pictures taken next to Dedan Kimathi’s monument-it’s the small things that count. That goes for relationships as well. There will be pages for things that shall not be mentioned, numerous of them for that matter, but why isn’t there a page to appreciate ‘Kapenguria Six’ ‘Dedan Kimathi’ ‘Wangari Maathai’ ‘Tom Mboya’…name them! Life is God’s best gift to a human, and these people sacrificed their lives for my freedom, for your freedom, for our freedom. They gave up their most valuable gift for me, for you, for us!


The Late Nduta Wa Kore- A Great Freedom fighter with her Grand Children. Her story will come soon!

So how would you like us to appreciate them, you may ask. Take any primary school kid and ask them who their super hero is- ‘Superman because he is stronger than Batman’ ‘Spiderman because I have a spider for a pet’. Probably Ben 10 has already entered that bracket of super heroes, so next you will be hearing- ‘Ben 10 because he has not one, but ten different super heroes in him ’. Isn’t it sad that their super heroes are fictional characters? Not Dedan Kimathi or Wangari Maathai, but Superman and Spiderman.

You may go ahead and argue, “Chill out Miss I, they are just 5! Nothing is ever that serious at that age”. This is the point I dramatically exude the lawyer person in me and say; Objection your honour! It is easier to mould a young mind than a matured one. It is our responsibility to channel the information regarding our heroes and heroines to the younger generation. We can put it in simpler terms for them to understand, and then build up on it as they mature. I remember my elder brother telling me about Wangari Maathai’s story of the little bird to teach me a lesson- To always do the best I can even if I think my efforts will be futile.

never give up tarun NEVER EVER GIVE UP!
If I can just quickly go through that story, it went something like this-There was a fire in the forest and all the animals observed the fire in despair. Among lions, elephants and rhinos, a little bird emerged and using its small beak, it sipped water from the river and consequently poured it on the huge fire. It continued doing this, back and forth from the river to the forest fire. The other animals laughed at the little bird because in the animal world, that was equivalent to a tortoise trying to pull a Usain Bolt stunt. Out of curiosity, the chameleon decided to ask the bird why it was doing all that when it was inevitable that it wouldn’t turn off the forest fire. The bird then went ahead and explained that it was doing the best it could.

I may have altered the exact details of Wangari’s version, but the important thing here is that the message is passed across. At the end of the day, I look up to Wangari Maathai because of my Brother and no one else. She is not only other people’s heroine, but mine too-which goes to explain why I acted as Wangari Maathai back in high school. Some close friends still call me ‘Mother Nature!’
Of course I ended my scene with one of her famous quotes- If you destroy nature, nature will destroy you!


‘Wananichi’, the next generation is in your hands, maybe in a literal sense, in your mouth! If you have younger siblings do not hesitate to tell them about our African heroes. When they go to school on their first day tell them to work hard so that they can get a Nobel Peace Prize like Wangari Mathaai. Let them look up to the likes of Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela; after all, they are the leaders of tomorrow. It’s not so much about the popularity or the prize, but ensuring they emulate the values instilled by our African heroes- ‘Be a man of value, rather than a man of successes!

Just last month, I attended the 19th commemoration of the 1994 Rwanda genocide at the United Nations Office Nairobi where we remembered more than 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus who were killed. I had the honour of asking the Rwanda High Commission Ambassador; H.E. Yamina Karitanyi whether it was possible for schools all over Africa to introduce a new subject ‘Peace keeping’ as early as elementary school and to my surprise she said that was a very excellent strategy to promote peace in Africa.


I apologize for this picture,but it had to be put!


Instead of saying ‘naomba serikali itusaidie’, she challenged me to promote that idea myself. I’m afraid am not in the government or any humanitarian organisation, but I have the power of the tongue! A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Change begins with you and I. Let us not wait for learning institutions to teach the young ones about peace. If we want the Education Bill 2012 to introduce that subject, we must change ourselves first. START NOW! The Wangari Maathai biography would definitely make a great bed-time story! When two children fight, don’t punish them-help them by instilling the importance of peace in them. If children are of brought up knowing the importance of peace, humanitarian organisations would not have been scared of a violence outbreak after March 4th. The ages 1-7 are very crucial in determining the calibre of person a child will turn out to be.


shosho NDUTA WA KORE wearing her SILVER STAR! My heroine.

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Miss I with Charles J. Ouda

Many a times, we will not miss to know anyone who is very hardworking, popular, rich, a “chop”, very talented or successful. We are all very familiar with ‘rags to riches’ kind of stories, with newspapers and magazines occasionally having big headers reading – “Miss Independent, a multimillionaire brand, whooped the top position on Forbes list of Top 10 richest people in the world. Word has it that she used to make her own outfits as she could not afford to buy new clothes for her blog.” ..continued on Page 6.

(Big gasp expressing shock! :O!!!!!!!)

DSC_1096(SEE!..only Charles did the ‘shock G look’)

Not that I have a problem with that, I mean, who would not want to have a private jet to escape the jam in Nairobi? To enjoy the luxury of having a Samsung Galaxy 5 even before it’s out in the market? However, why isn’t there a list of the ‘Top 10 humble entrepreneurs in the world’ or ‘Top 10 selfless C.E.O’s in the world’? What is it with this strong inclination to materialistic wealth that we only point out the richest people in the world? For a second, it was my dream that I would one day see such a list on Forbes-but then again, be the change you want to see in the world.

DSC_1030(I look up to him)


I first met Charles J. Ouda at Leon Muli Photography Studio and of course what stood out the most about him was his humility. It strikes you the moment you say ‘hallo’. If you do not know Charles, am sorry, this is not even a Rongai joke, Rongai would make fun of you-it’s that bad! Barney Stinson would not even give you high five (yes, I quoted How I met your mother-I love that series)

He could be our Brad Pitt in the Kenya Film and Tv Industry but without a doubt, he will not deny you the respect you deserve. His kind of humility is breathe-taking and it should be something worth recognising. This brings me back to one of my previous posts and the foundation of the Miss I blog- ‘Be a man of value rather than a man of success’.
You are just about to learn a lot about our media industry, which is worth Kshs 40Billion, and more of what it takes to be successful!
*excitements*…Knowledge is power!

Enjoy my interview with Charles J. Ouda!


Miss I: Who is Charles J. Ouda?
Charles: Charles J. Ouda is an actor, writer, director, artist, children’s tv host, a lover of life, song writer, guitarist, uncle (I could really keep going but I will stop there!)

Miss I: How long have you been an actor? From where did you get started?
Charles: I have been a professional actor since 2003. Before that, I was a child model (doing adverts for Coca Cola and one of those awful back to school adverts)… My professional start came on stage, doing the original Kenyan musical “Lwanda: Man of Stone” written by Eric Wainaina with Sterling Quality Entertainment

Miss I:In the beginning,what motivated you to be an actor?Now?
Charles: In the beginning, I was motivated by girls! (true story) I was always passionate about performance, through out high school. Things changed soon after. Now, I am more excited by the challenge of playing characters… reaching into the darkness and pulling something playful or sinister out and becoming that. That challenge excites me more about acting than anything else these days

Miss I: How different is it to act in a movie and to act in a theater play?
Charles: Movies and Stage are two completely different entities. With both, actors are able to take the audience on a journey. But with stage, the audience is right there… and they run on the journey with you. You hear them sigh… or hold their breathe. You see their tears. It can spur you on when they are with you… or can demoralise you when you lose them. The point is never to lose them. With film, you play it to the best of your ability, without knowing if the world sighs with you.

Miss I: In how many films/plays have you performed up till now?
Charles: As an actor, I have done 12 Straight plays (no singing) at The Phoenix Players, 7 musicals with Sterling Quality Entertainment, 6 drama series (“Mali”, “Changing Times”, “Noose of Gold”, “Makutano Junction”, “Better Days” and “Higher Learning”) , and 1 full length feature film (“The First Grader”). As a writer, I have written for 4 television shows (“Makutano Junction”, “Changes”, “Higher Learning”, and “Mali”), 1 radio drama (“Chakruok”) and directed 2 straight plays at The Phoenix Players, 1 musical at the Consevatiore and an independent film that I wrote in 2011… Writing and directing counts, right?

DSC_1031 DSC_1085

Miss  I: Do you ever think that you could have done a bit better in any particular role?
Charles: Actors always look back on roles and think they could have improved on their roles. The best thing to do is to take a role and learn each time and use what you learn to improve on each new challenge

Miss I: Which has been your favourite character that you have performed?Why?
Charles: I recently played a fairy in “Love by Shakespeare” at The Phoenix Players. It was intense… It challenged me because I had to play 3 different characters at the same time. On tv, I think it is a tie. Playing PP in the last season of “Makutano Junction” and playing Albert on “Higher Learning”… those were my favourites so far

Miss I:What popular acting advice do you disagree with?Why?
Charles: I recently saw something about great actors not being versatile. I think that is hogwash. Lee Starsberg once said that “The actor creates with his own flesh and blood all those things which all the arts try in some way to describe.”. That means, we can create whatever we want if we put our mind to it

Miss I:Kenya needs more directors,editors,camera people and sound engineers,but how do you get the training to start your career?
Charles: Kenya has some great guys already but more are always needed. My advice, go to a school and learn. Of course, nothing will ever substitute the learning curve on a set… That is a learning curve that is the best one! I think if you are determined and have the passion and drive, you can find a way!

Miss I: What have you learned from your senior actors?
Charles: So so much. Lord… Actors like Mkamzee Mwatela, Mumbi Kaigwa and Maqbul Mohamed have showed me more than I can ever express on a page. Watching them, I learned about comfort in the role, letting yourself go, adapting to unforseen situations… So much

DSC_1083 DSC_1027

Miss I: Tell us about your experience as a Director and how different it is from being an actor?
Charles: Being a director is about controlling the entire creative direction of a production. That level of patience was a huge lesson for me. Being an actor, your number one mission is your performance. It was weird giving the instructions to bring out performances in the actors. But luckily, working with Nick Mutuma and Mkamzee Mwatela and Philip Karanja and Mkaiwawi was easy… since they were brilliant

Miss I: What directing hacks have you developed to stay focused and productive in your day-to-day ?
Charles: Directing hacks? Ummm… I read… anything, everything… I watch people and study people’s faces. I imagine how I would direct things I see or other scripts. It is important to work the muscle, otherwise it will waste away


Miss I: Kibera Film School (KFS) ,Mathare Youth Sports Assosciation (MYSA),The Mwelu Foundation and K-Youth Media are some of the non-profit organisations helping young people from lower income areas.With the likes of Josephat Keya-Manager at KFS,Moses Ouma-INSIGNIA,Grishon Onyango-Editor Opertaion Smile Kenya and Elijah Mumo who are all alumni of these organisations,what do you think should be implemented to ensure that we produce more successful people from those areas with regards to Kenyan film and Tv industry?
Charles: Funding is one step… but we in the industry must be willing to step in and give opportunities to truly talented individuals to grow their ability. Money can only get us so far… The growth must come from us doing the damn thing and sharing our experiences with people to grow us and them.

DSC_1091…have you SUBCRIBED to the MISS I blog? right side guys…?

Miss I: For Kenya’s cinema scene to really blossom,we need to provide training and opportunities for aspiring film makers-and it’s a struggle to find high quality and affordable training.Last year,I did a TOT Program with Kianda School-Training of Trainees,whereby within a week we were trained what we were going to train the women in Kikuyu for four weeks.Is it possible for clubs such as Strathmore University Media Group and institutions such as Mangeta Training Institute and St.Pauls University Media School to be involved in a TOT program with N.G.O’s mentioned above as their community outreach program and as a way to encounter that problem?
Charles: Very possible… And with the interest in the industry, it would probably be really full. Most talented youngsters are just looking for an opportunity to show what they have. Something like that would give them the shot… But then again, you will have to speak to the organisations about that one!


Miss I:What changes in the Education Bill 2012 do you wish made to ensure that the acting talent in numerous Kenyans is nurtured?
Charles: Argh! I’ll decline to answer that one… I have not really read that Bill (Shameful I know…). I will also decline answering that because I think that the problem might not necessarily be the bill itself but the distribution of resources. Working on “The KnowZone” this year, I have learned that schools from poor areas have less committed teachers and students who are far to shy for their own good. That makes me sad. If these kids are our future, why are private schools doing better by far?

Miss I: It is estimated that the Kenyn film and Tv industry is worth Kshs 4Billion,but it should be generating ten times the amount.What is not happening?
Charles: Simply put, we aren’t getting bums in seats. It starts at a young age. Kids don’t know their stars and neither do their parents. How do we change this? We take film to schools… campuses… Put high quality films in the hands of Kenyans at affordable prices. If we show the Kenyans that you can come watch a film or a stage play by Kenyans that is worth the ticket price, the industry will surpass that 4 billion mark easy! The quality actors exist. The quality stories exist. The quality crews exist. It would help if we had quality money though!

Miss I:If you were the President Elect,what would you do to get the Media industry in Kenya to the heights it deserves?
Charles: 60% Kenyan content on TV (exclusive of news and features). Zero rate tax on film equipment of any kind for the next 5 years.


Miss I: I believe that it is better to be a man of value rather than a man of success.Give us 3 values you would want your readers to always have?
Charles: Honesty, Humanity, and a Sense of Humor

Miss I: With recent successes such as Nairobi Half Life and Leo,where do you see the Kenyan Film and Tv industry in a decade?
Charles: Far… if we keep at it and stay committed!

Miss I: Looking back, what’s the one thing you wish you understood about life?
Charles: Laughter lights up even the darkest night

Miss I: Seeing that you are a writer,how about you write the next article for our readers?
Charles: No thanks  I am not very good at writing features… let’s leave everyone to their jobs! You keep it real on my behalf

Miss: What makes you uncomfortable?
Charles: Beautiful women make me shy…


Miss I:Funniest joke ever?
Charles: That meme where Uhuru says he said lollipop! I’m certain even Uhuru laughed at that one!


Miss I: What is the one thing you look for in an actor/actress?
Charles: Commitment! Raw talent is great… but the desire lives inside. That desire will drive you farther than raw talent can

Miss I: What is the best movie/series/play script you have that you will never use?
Charles: On my laptop, I have the story of a magical South African kingdom. Due to a falling out I had with the guy composing the music, I can never use that script (It pains me because it was some truly brilliant writing)… aside from that, I have “James Cameron Disease”… some things are too far ahead of their time… I am waiting on Kenya to catch up!

Miss I:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Charles: A mango farmer in Kilifi or Kwale

Miss I: Which parental advice did you get that you will never forget?
Charles: My mum told me once that sleep is only escape for so long. I must face my fears eventually! My dad once told me that I must never let anything make me feel like I can’t do whatever I want. My other mum also said that if I pray, I can survive any storm… words to live by… from all three of my parents!

Miss I: What is you impression of Miss I so far?
Charles: Not bad kid… Keep it coming!

DSC_1027I will do as he says! :) :)

Miss I: I want to help you,how can I?
Charles: Go watch a film… go watch a play… support Kenya… build Kenya… buy Kenya…

DSC_1079He should know how soaps have been banned back at home!

P.S The 2nd thing you notice about Charles, is his designer coat! I know I would wear it and rock it!


That was one interesting session I had with these two admirable gentlemen! I hope you learned A LOT from them.I know I did.

Dress code:

Charles J. Ouda- CHICO LECO, designer Sunny

Miss I- Mr. Price

D.P.W-Klad House

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RETURN OF SHINGO- Real Jazz from Tokyo


Tell you what? I had 6 exams this week. Scratch that! 6 STRATHMORE UNIVERSITY exams this week. I mean, am in 3rd year now and I can tell you that’s hectic for a Stratizen. The most we are used to is 3 in a week, but this semester the exam timetable was like all Scar-Mufasa on us! Like what’s up with that? Man I should have been Zazu and asked for a change of timelines- Now is when I think of  it! Great!

So I’m just from my power nap (which was obviously inevitable from someone who wants clean As in the 8 units she is doing this semester) and you know how when you wake up you go through your Facebook like it’s the newspaper, yeah, that was me at like 7:00 p.m there. Then I came across this upcoming Jazz event which is perfectly right after my exams. Last time I attended a jazz event, say a month ago, there is no reason in the world why I should miss the Return of Shingo- Real Jazz from Tokyo. He has played drums since the ripe old age of 2. What was I doing at that age? And here is the cool part, his father owned the Samurai restaurant in Nairobi 20years ago! AWESOME!

3, #Music #Jazz #Tokyo #Shingo

Just when you think it can NOT get BETTER….IT DOES GET BETTER.  This is what I get about the much aniticipated event.

“Introducing a new Drink:

A new Japanese drink called Sochu will be introduced into the Kenyan market for the first time on the same evening of the concert at Carnivore – Simba Saloon.Everyone attending the concert will get a complimentary shot of Shochu. This will be handed out at the door.This same  drink will then be available inside the Simba , and Carnivore bars at a very reasonable cost of Ksh 100/- per tot/shot.We are also making two cockails with this drink which will be available from the bars.

Japanese Food:

There will be a sushi counter in the main bar set up by Mr. Kim. Apart from the sushi, sashimi and rolls { cold Japanese delicacies} The Carnivore kitchen will make some hot Japanese delicacies. The usual Simba Saloon a la carte menu will also be available.”

Tickets available at Carnivore, Tamarind Nairobi, Tamambo, Kenya National Theatre and 400Kshs only for advanced tickets.

Who is coming with me??



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